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Little by little, we make compromises. 

They don’t seem like much at the time, but before you know it, you’ve compromised your life away.

You’ve compromised your identity away

You’ve compromised yourself away.

Little by little, chipping away, in increments so small that you’d hardly even notice and slow and gradual drifting away.

The problem with compromising is that no-one ever gets what they want.

You both lose, settling some watered down version of whatever it was you had.

But it’s inevitable, we have to negotiate our ways through life.

We have to find common ground

But how do you do that, without selling your soul to the devil?

The alternative would be high-value trade, not a compromise at all.

That is, you give someone exactly what they ask for, in exchange for something else.


Achieving an outcome that reflects more accurately what it is you value.

Clear in your convictions – and uncompromising.

Stay true to your convictions, not at the expense of others, 

But rather in a way that also adds value to them.


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  • The Decision of No Decision
    Indecision is a decision in and of itself, even though you may not recognise it as such. Your decision to do nothing – to let things play out on their own. It’s taking a back seat and waiting to see how the chips may fall.
  • Taking Your Second Chance
    It’s pointless, because history will always be confined to history. Instead it may be time to look yourself in the mirror, at the risk of not liking what you see. Because getting it right, means being honest with yourself. It comes with the brutality of having to confront your own demons, And being able and willing to take the hits. So take your second chance. Don’t look back in anger, maintain the hope And be determined to do things a little different.
  • Symphony of Sadness
    There’s a great symphony in sadness A million things conspiring beautifully together to set a sombre tone. It’s a tragedy, no doubt.  Irrational at times, often transcending words or reason....
  • Communication Is Not a One Way Street
    Communication is not a one way street. It’s not about talking, it’s about listening. It’s not about reacting, it’s about responding. It’s not about knowing, It’s about understanding. It’s not about judgement or pretense It’s about connection.
  • Leaving It All Behind
    Some things are certainly worth holding onto -  Others we just hold onto because we are too afraid to say goodbye.  Not because we can’t But because doing so means facing our own mortality