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My Chi journey was made for those that won’t settle for the ways of the world and how things are, but instead are inspired by something beyond and how things could be.
Why My Chi Journey?
My Chi journey was made for those that won’t settle for the ways of the world and how things are, but instead are inspired by something beyond and how things could be.
Through a collection of resources, training programs, experiences and coaching, you’ll begin to develop the clarity, skills and wisdom to direct your life in a way that serves a greater purpose and restores you to your humanity.

There is an art and science to living well.

If you're looking for easy, you're missing the point, there is no growth in easy.."

Michael DahdalFounder, My Chi Journey


Establish clarity and equip yourself with the skills to better navigate an increasingly uncertain and chaotic world.


Deepen your understanding of yourself and the world around you, and gain a renewed appreciation for life, all that it is, and all that it can be.


Find comfort, guidance and direction by reconnecting with something greater, and transforming your life through a commitment to consistent focused practice.


Find belonging in an increasingly isolated and disconnected world – be part of a community that shares common values and sees the world through a common lens.

Life, Restored

What our people say

I thought I would be surrounded by a bunch of hippies with no understanding about the practicalities of the 'real world', but I was hugely mistaken. Michael was extremely down to earth, empathetic and understood the difficulties that some of us had in being able to follow our own path in life.

Amruta LeleAbu Dhabi, UAE

As a novice traveler I was worried about a trip around the world but within minutes everything felt right. I look forward to many more journeys and late-night talks about the philosophy of Tupac, spirituality, geopolitics and life in general. Michael, you're a solid dude and I'd follow you anywhere.

Joshua TylerUnited States

I have been wanting to connect with my roots in Palestine for as long as I can remember, but never had the courage to go there alone. Without a doubt this has been the most special trip I have ever taken and I cannot thank Michael enough for his encouragement and guidance.

Nadeen CroweDubai

Michael is a raw truth seeker, challenging anything on his journey— to find the way to absolute truth. Amid global self-help gurus, he keeps it real, simplifies the core factors, guiding you through the process to reconnect to that truth we all have deep inside.

Wajdi Abdul HadiDubai, UAE

One of the hardest challenge for me was questioning myself and finding a way that can help me live a more balanced yet enthusiastic life. In a few days I have learned more than I had during the past years. Can't wait to attend the next journey!!!

Alessandra ValloneNapoli, Italy

Michael has managed to find the perfect environment in which people can awaken their true potential without losing their identity! My experience with My Chi journey has been empowering, I highly recommend to anyone who needs to find the answers within themselves.

Betty ByersUnited States

This experience unexpectedly altered my life, reconnecting to artistic roots in unforeseen ways. The lifelong friendships formed make it 110% worthwhile. Thank you, Michael, for your heartfelt dedication and sincere effort in putting this together!

Jessikah RobertsToronta, Canada

Thank you for everything! An impulsive decision turned into the best self-gift. The journey of self-discovery in a fun atmosphere surpassed expectations. Grateful to Michael and Nicole for the clarity. Forever thankful.

Indra MoelansBelgium

I am thankful for having met some of the most brilliant minds and purest hearts there are. Go with an open heart and mind and you will leave with a more intentional sense of direction and an amazing support system. I left feeling serene, light, focused and ready to get back on track...

Maram KabbaraDoha, Qatar

On a journey for true life balance and meaning, My Chi Journey brought my thoughts together, inspiring action. This incredible, challenging retreat is instrumental for changing thinking and living. Thanks to the excellent team!

Tash HaskinsAuckland, New Zealand

I loved my experience with My Chi Journey. It was a true gift to myself to have the time and guidance to explore my life. I am now focused on living in truth and making intentional choices and also laughing and dancing every day

BecSydney, Australia

A life changing experience in a marvelous place with marvelous people. Ended up the retreat with resolutions & life long goals. Highly recommended for people who are under stress & need new experiences.

Dania KKuwait

I was expecting to come away from the retreat with strategies to clear the clutter and make decisions over the coming months. I didn't expect to find clarity on day 2 and be ready and eager to move forward!!

Kristen FraneyUnited States


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  • The Decision of No Decision
    Indecision is a decision in and of itself, even though you may not recognise it as such. Your decision to do nothing – to let things play out on their own. It’s taking a back seat and waiting to see how the chips may fall.
  • Taking Your Second Chance
    It’s pointless, because history will always be confined to history. Instead it may be time to look yourself in the mirror, at the risk of not liking what you see. Because getting it right, means being honest with yourself. It comes with the brutality of having to confront your own demons, And being able and willing to take the hits. So take your second chance. Don’t look back in anger, maintain the hope And be determined to do things a little different.
  • Symphony of Sadness
    There’s a great symphony in sadness A million things conspiring beautifully together to set a sombre tone. It’s a tragedy, no doubt.  Irrational at times, often transcending words or reason....
  • Communication Is Not a One Way Street
    Communication is not a one way street. It’s not about talking, it’s about listening. It’s not about reacting, it’s about responding. It’s not about knowing, It’s about understanding. It’s not about judgement or pretense It’s about connection.
  • Leaving It All Behind
    Some things are certainly worth holding onto -  Others we just hold onto because we are too afraid to say goodbye.  Not because we can’t But because doing so means facing our own mortality