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What our people say

Michael put in so much thought and care into everything we did. He did an amazing job dealing with changes and kept it stress free. He genuinely cared about every group member. I didn’t know how to be in Palestine in the past, now I have all the confidence and desire to make this an annual trip. Michael knows how to balance his support to be with us yet give us enough space when we need it. Highly recommend a personal growth trip with mychijourney.

LailaAbu Dhabi

Since I returned I from the Eat Pray Love Palestine Trip I feel privileged and grateful to have walked this historical land, to have listened to the stories of those who live there and who do so with tenacity and resilience despite the many complexities . I am in Awe of their love of life , their love of family and connection, & their deep sense of belonging . I left knowing I want to return and want to remain connected to those I met along the path . It was that special .

Bernie O'DonellAbu Dhabi

I can’t believe how much I got out of this retreat. It completely exceeded my expectations, helped me move forward with my life, and I can’t thank Michael and the team enough....

Anna DouglasUnited Kingdom

Joining My Chi Journey in Ubud, Bali was truly an experience I will cherish forever. It not only fulfilled all of my travel dreams but was invaluable to me as it was a transformational experience and left me with tangible lessons I can implement in my daily life. The friendships I've fostered from sharing the same experience with people from around the world was truly special. Most of all, I found that challenging myself to think differently about a particular idea (like what balance is/means) was eye opening and rooted at the end of the journey by understanding that there are perspectives worth learning from. My Chi Journey was simply amazing.

NicoleLas Vegas, USA

I encourage you guys to try this. I attended one of these in Bali, April this year. What an amazing Journey. Michael, the organizer, what a wonderful soul. Ours was for 7 days. He literally took care of everything. From the beginning of contacting them till you leave Bali. We were a group of 12, including Michael and Nicole. Amazing group of people. We still communicate even today. Michael and Nicole took care of us. They even arrange for some to pick you up and drop you off at the airport. We stayed at the resort. It was just a bliss. I learned a lot. We toured Ubud. Meeting the locals, experiencing their culture to the temples. I am still living what I learned from that retreat. I advise you to try this. Michael and Nicole, I will always love you guys. "Long life" to you guys. May God bless you abundantly. ❤✌

Zine NodadaSouth Africa

I was expecting to come away from the retreat with strategies to clear the clutter and make decisions over the coming months. I didn't expect to find clarity on day 2 and be ready and eager to move forward!!


I have been wanting to connect with my roots in Palestine for as long as I can remember, but never had the courage to go there alone. I was so glad to have found this experience by chance.
Within these 7 days, Michael carefully planned a mix of activities to give us a well rounded experience in the nature, history, arts, daily life, cuisine, local residents (and their experiences) of Palestine - really helping us deepen our connection and understanding of Palestine’s richness. Without a doubt this has been the most special trip I have ever taken and I cannot thank Michael enough for his encouragement and guidance

Nadeen CroweDubai

I came to unlearn and relearn and that is exactly what I left with...


Michael Dahdal has managed to find the perfect environment in which people can awaken their true potential without losing their own self-identity! My experience with My Chi journey has been empowering, I highly recommend to anyone who needs to find the answers within themselves.

Betty ByersUnited States

Manifest what I want to achieve during the a ritual that I am practice, feel that I am taking care of myself. Remind me during the day that no one is coming to save me !! In other words, showing up for myself !!

Angela TestinoVenezuela & Qatar

Thank you for everything! What started as an impulsive decision turned out to be the best gift I ever given myself. Being taken through a journey of self discovery and clearity in a very informal, open and fun athmosphere in a beautiful surrounding exceeded all my expectations. Thank you Michael and Nicole...I'm forever grateful.

Indra MoelansBelgium

Loved this experience and I am so thankful for being given this opportunity. This experience has taught me to slow down and take life as it is. No stress should interfere with your attemp at being healthy and being a good person to yourself and others around you.

Emily SanchezSan Diego, USA

I loved my experience with My Chi Journey. It was a true gift to myself to have the time and guidance to explore my life in relation to chi. I am now focused on living my truth and making intentional choices and also laughing and dancing every day

BecSydney, Australia

This experience was life altering in a way that I hadn't anticipated. Reconnecting to my artistic roots via completely unexpected ways alongside connecting with individuals who I am positive will be lifelong friends has made this entire experience 110% worthwhile. Thank you Michael for extending yourself, your heart, your time, and for so sincerely putting this together 🙂

JessikahToronto, Canada

A life changing & enriching experience. Made lifelong friends..

Dania KKuwait

I am thankful for having met some of the most brilliant minds and purest hearts there are. Go with an open heart and mind and you will leave with a more intentional sense of direction and an amazing support system. I left feeling serene, light, focused and ready to get back on track...


A life changing experience in a marvelous place with marvelous people. Ended up the retreat with resolutions & life long goals. Highly recommended for people who are under stress & need new experiences

Dania KKuwait

It felt like home. I can't explain it enough, the experience was overwhelming. i felt a strong sense of rejuvenation a new revived energy. Met one of the most amazing powerful women on this journey, despite our versatility we all had many things in common. Karina and Michael where the perfect yin yang. Above all, the real solid experience is what lingers, my ability to move forth in my life with a new perspective, to be able to create balance is what i now look forward to. Grateful to have been a part of this journey with some of the most amazing people.


I had the opportunity to discover Palestine with Michael and it was a great experience! The perfect way of travelling to an ancestral Nation with wonderful people. I highly recommend My Chi Journey!

Marisol HerreraMexico

What drew me to this course was yin/yang concept, and how to bring more balance into my life. I came here knowing i needed to take more action, but after going deeper into the content, i can see that the learnings i received from this course are going to impact not just my life, but many peoples lives. I feel i have a road map, which as long as i am aligning to and living what i call my authentic life, i know i can take my life to a new level. I look forward to change, love, life felt more fully, so thank you, thank you for this gift!

Teresa DaltonWellington, New Zealand

It was a very enjoyable trip that provided the space and time to unwind, self-reflect, workout and meet interesting people- all at my own pace.

ZeinaDubai, U.A.E

One of the hardest challenge for me was questioning myself and finding a way that can help me to live a more balanced yet enthusiastic life. We want to make this life `memorable` however we are not going to remember it one day, no matters how memorable it was!! Isn`t it a paradox and an extremely draining and time consuming effort? While going through an unbalanced period of my life, I have decided to embark this new adventure and join this retreat. My Chi Journey has taught me that life itself is a journey and how much will power we have to make our life worthy of being fully lived. I have been guided on a path of how to prioritize my time and give importance to some meaningful words that can change the way we conceive our life. Decluttering and purifying ourselves, living with a minimal yet truly important amount of material things. Balance is what we all pursue and My Chi Journey has helped me to have a new perspective on how to look at the world. I feel I am carrying a lot of positive chi now and I have started learning how to spread it around and absorb it when needed. In a few days I have learned more than I had during the past years. Can`t wait to attend the next My Chi Journey retreat!

AlessandraNapoli, Italy

Growth is gaining experiences and learning from them, both experiences that unleash my highest truth, the essence of who I am as Michael Dahdal puts it “without all the fluff “ and new experiences that may tell you something about yourself. Maybe there is something about you you haven’t discovered yet, but a new reflected-upon experience can do this for you! It isn’t enough to just have an experience; you need to also reflect on it to make the meaning, learn, and grow. My Chi Journey “Walk Palestine “ did just that. The power of reflection, the power of learning about ourselves and others without the stereotyping through history, culture, the people, seeing the beauty in everything especially with a place like Palestine affected by conflict. Many of us, though, are just letting this be tarnished in our minds by what the news presents to us, buried, and our experiences go by without gleaning any meaning from them. Reflection is the process we take to make meaning, learn and relearn. It is indeed a new journey every time with My Chi Journey. Thank you Michael for making it happen. Much love and gratitude.

AmaniDubai, U.A.E

Fantastic crowd and meeting amazing people is what topped this retreat.

DanaAbu Dhabi, U.A.E

I am on a journey to find a true balance in my life and to look at different ways of living a more meaningful life - my chi journey was the perfect way to bring all of my thoughts together and find a way to put these into action. This retreat is incredible, it will be uncomfortable, it will be challenging, but if you're truly open to changing your way of thinking and living, this retreat will be instrumental in starting that journey. Thank you so much to the team, you were excellent.

TashAuckland, New Zealand

The my chi journey Lifestyle Design workshop really opened my eyes up to imbalances within my life that I had previously not seen. It also provided me with some useful tools and tips on how to address these moving forward. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to re-align their personal and professional life and begin to live authentically whilst being true to their personal values.


The Bali Wellness Retreat with My Chi Journey was the best investment that I made for myself in my entire life. The supportive and friendly hosts took us on an inspirational and enlightening journey in the magical Ubud rice fields. The encompassing retreat helped me become more positive, see the world differently, re-connect with my true self and implement a plethora of healthy lifestyle changes. Everyone told me how radiant I looked by the end of the five-day retreat and I continued to feel a renewed sense of self and life. The Bali wellness retreat with My Chi Journey is the perfect and only way to begin and maintain a new and positive outlook on one's self and life. A very rewarding experience and definitely got back more than its monetary value.

NadaDubai, UAE

My first workshop, Lifestyle Design was amazing. The instructor was amazing. He provided an opportunity to reflect on the current life I am living while thinking of ways I can approve to live the life of intention. I appreciated all the tools that were given and dialogue with other like-minded folks. I'm looking forward to the second workshop.

Nicole AnnmarieUnited States

Michael is a truth seeker on the raw, he is willing to challenge anything anytime in his journey and that is a challenging yet the only road to absolute truth...there might be big global self help gurus out there, but truth seeking is just about how you think through it and michael brings it down to the simple core factors to deal helping you go through the process for you to find the truth..

WajdiAbu Dhabi, UAE

Michael you have a true talent at making people feel comfortable about sharing. I LOVED your idea for us to make it our mission to know everyone's name by the end of the workshop. It was holding us accountable and encouraging to speak to others. Incredibly refreshing to meet like-minded people in Abu Dhabi. Keep doing what you're doing, your passion for it really shines through.

AylishRepublic of Ireland

Great moment to look at things differently, to step back to reflect and to demystify ... so many little steps can take us every day closer to who we want to become

CarolineAbu Dhabi, UAE

I really thought I would be surrounded by a bunch of hippies with no understanding about the practicalities of the 'real world', but I was hugely mistaken. Instead Michael was extremely down to earth and empathetic and understood the difficulties that some of us had in being able to follow our own path in life. He provided an insight into practical tools that you can use to change your life in the tiniest ways to help achieve the way of life that you want and identify with. It was great to be surrounded by other like-minded individuals and to build on my network!

AmrutaAbu Dhabi, UAE

Couldn't have asked for a better start to my journey! From the people, to the activities to every single well thought detail! Can't wait for the next one!!

JoannaDubai, UAE

My Chi Journey was an insightful self discovery for me and it was magnificently amazing because not only I learned how to allow certain types of energy/vibration to enter my life, I also met so many wonderful people from around the world.

Sokie HengCalifornia, USA

Attending the Sri Lanka New Year's Eve retreat with My Chi Journey has been the ideal way for me to welcome the new year. The facilitators' knowledge, empathy and support was unmatched. They guided us smoothly into the activities and allowed us to grow and improve with every task. It was a magical experience with a unique group in a surreal setting.

NadaDubai, UAE

The Lifestyle Design Workshop with My Chi Journey is an essential learning step for anyone planning to start a business or get into freelance. It helps give you the tools that you need to become independent and motivates you in a way that you can never imagine. After attending the workshop, I was convinced that I can be my own boss and not have to work in the corporate world which doesn't match my character. This workshop is a must for any entrepreneur.

NadaDubai, UAE

"It was a beautiful experience, I get goosebumps just thinking about it, it was like a transformation. Amazing..!"

Nina PennisiSydney, Australia

My experience with My Chi Journey to Bali was a wonderful delight. It was the perfect balance of Yoga and relaxation, where you’re free to do as much or as little as you liked. One of the most pleasurable memories from my trip was the multitude of wisdom among the other guests and hosts who attended the retreat and making lasting relationships with truly inspiring people...

Sophie LeeSydney, Australia

Thank you MCJ for the journey...being an active/outdoor traveller...the Chiang Rai trip gave a different angle to travel.... a good balance to just slow still...connect within and without...Thank you MCJ for the experience.

WajdiAbu Dhabi, UAE

As a travel lover, this was truly an unforgettable 7 day refreshing trip. I never felt so peaceful, tranquil, and connected with myself in a very long time. With the busy life we lead on a daily basis, I realized we constantly need a reminder to slow down and appreciate our surroundings and most importantly our own souls. There was a lot of useful information we’ve learnt during the trip but because we have started being for a change, I doubt I’ll ever forget the detailed descriptions of cleansing oneself be it through feeding the soul or the mind. Loved being while doing! Thank you Mike - definitely memorable and worthwhile.

MahaAbu Dhabi, UAE

Joining the Bali yoga trip with My Chi Journey was a huge part of my life journey and one I will never forget. Aside from how well organised it was and what a beautiful location we spent our week in, the experience helped me grow in many ways and I often reflect on our time in Bali to keep me on track. Thanks to Michael and Alexandra for your warmth, friendship and support.

RachaelUnited Kingdom

Locations and accommodations being spectacular are an ancillary benefit of MyChi Journeys but the real treasure is Michael and the people he attracts to share the journey and vision. The journey(s) never end and I'm forever grateful that Michael and Bali were in my path. All said, the grounds of the villa were exceptional, the staff friendly beyond measure and the activities laid out by Alexandra and Michael without compare. Being a novice traveler and yogi I wasn't without my worries regarding a trip around the world but within minutes of being on the ground in Indonesia everything felt right in my world. I could feel the electricity and love in the air. Magical. Sunsets along the Indian Ocean compared to my stomping grounds in SoCal felt powerful, foreign yet somehow familiar and inviting. To all my fellow Bali-journeyers, it was truly a pleasure meeting you all and sharing such a profound experience with you. Living in Vegas I get to meet people from all over the world but nothing like being in a foreign country creating memories and making new friends. Quiet-day was surprisingly difficult for someone as typically reserved as I. To Michael, thank you again and I look forward to many more journeys and late-night talks about the philosophy of Tupac, spirituality, geopolitics and life in general. You're a solid dude and I'd follow you anywhere. Namaste

Josh TylerLas Vegas, Nevada, USA

The Lifestyle Design workshop was a wonderful and inspiring workshop. We live our lives at such a fast past and sometimes forget what our true purpose is. It was very helpful to take the time to put things into perspective, understand who we are and make us think harder about what we want from life. The tools we learned were simple, effective and most important of all...accessible. Both Michael and Gail were engaging and meeting new people on their journey's gave the day even more meaning. My Chi Journey is a great platform that provides guidance and opens one's mind to thinking about life in a different way. Live the life you want to live.

Reeva BainsUnited Kingdom

My week spent with My Chi Journey in Bali was the catalyst for me to begin searching for a deeper body-mind connection. I thoroughly enjoyed the daily yoga and meditation sessions, and the day of silence. Michael was an incredible host, who went above and beyond to make sure everyone was happy and comfortable. I can't wait for the next journey!

Nik TothSydney, Australia

I liked best that I gave myself a chance to do something different and meet an inspiring group of women who all contributed to help change my perceptions of what work is and what it could be. Michael & Gail provided me with the information and tools to also realise that what work can be, just needs a beginning to create something meaningful and successful. Everyday for me now begins with inspirations from my chi journey.

Dianne NewtonAbu Dhabi, UAE

It's true what they say...the journey doesn't end. I went to do meditation in Bali as organised by these guys and it was nothing less then spectacular. The breathtaking accommodation exceeded all expectation, the staff were amazing and the balance of pampering and relaxation put both my mind and body at ease. Finally. It was needed, especially now that life is hectic again I've been able to put the meditation practices into good use. And take myself back there again. Zen 🙂

DenaSydney, Australia

Reminiscing on my amazing trip to Bali in April 2015 .... What I'd do to be back relaxing out by the pool tucked within my private villa ! I couldn't have find a better way to relax and experience the Balinese culture and get in touch with my inner self and wellness and wellbeing on this great journey. This was all made possible by the amazing service provided by Michael from My Chi Journey. Each day brought a new adventure. ! The hospitality of Michael and all the staff at Purabuwana Villas in Canggu cannot go unnoticed either . The accommodation and location was breathtaking . The touch of personalised service was unbelievable ......from when we arrived til when we left they would go above and beyond for each of us . My Chi Journey within Purabuwana provided us activities which were the perfect balance to our journey ......!!! we experienced and thoroughly enjoyed massages, meditation, soul searching , authentic meals and the serenity of the amazing property. What more could one ask for ! Also knowing that the World famous Echo Beach was just up the road wasn't too bad either! A big thank you to Michael from My Chi Journey for this opportunity. I wouldn't have chosen to experience my Journey to Bali any other way - cheers to many more journeys to come.

YollaSydney, Australia


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