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The IDŌU (移動) Philosophy

In Japanese, the word IDŌU expresses the idea of shift, motion, movement and change. This could be movement from one place to another, or one state to another.

The IDŌU Philosophy is an action based approach

It is culmination of years of experience in high-performance training environments, fused with intensive cross-cultural study merging eastern and western traditions, science and art.

It is based on the principle that nothing happens until something moves.

The principle that life is in a constant motion, and for growth or change occur, there must be a shift or movement, a transition from one state to another.

shape your spirit

Through a collection of resources, training programs, experiences and focused coaching, you’ll begin to develop the clarity, skills and wisdom to direct your life in a way that serves a greater purpose and restores you to your humanity.



Our journeys and expeditions bridge the gap between knowing and understanding, between knowledge and wisdom – because we believe that the best education is gained through experience.



Our workshops and training programs are designed to sharpen your knowledge and skills and establish the foundations to move you forward with a clear focus, courage and intention.



We understand that your journey is a unique one that sometimes requires a personal touch and focused approach. We are available for select remote sessions, to guide your learning and accelerate your progress.

Nothing happens, until something moves

We believe that movement is the essence of life. It’s growth – in an acorn, in a person, in ideas. It’s the wind changing direction, and the tide ebbing and flowing. And it animates the grandest leaps as well as the tiniest steps. It’s the nature of things.



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