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Your Life, Rejuvenated

My Chi Journey was conceived in 2014, but our approach and ideas were shaped over decades across the globe. From the Middle East, to Asia and Australia, to Latin America and beyond - we draw deep insights from ancient wisdoms as well as the highest levels of athletic performance.

Michael Dahdal

Michael is the founder and creative force behind My Chi Journey. He has devoted decades to unearthing ancient insights across cultures, while building a multinational career developing high-performance teams, athletes and winning systems in some of the world's most challenging environments.
His experience has allowed him to develop an action based, multi-disciplinary approach to turning what you know, and will come to understand, into a committed way of life, and expressed through consistent good practice.

Life. Minus the fluff.

We sharpen your abilities to see through the haze and cut through the noise, maintaining a clear and unrelenting focus on the things that really matter. Equipping you with the knowledge and wisdom to navigate each day more skilfully
To plunge into fear, rather than shy away from it
To develop the strength to endure a difficult life, instead of aiming for an easy one
To move towards what you need, rather than settling for what you want
To stand up for what is right, instead of giving in to comfort and convenience

Our approach emphasizes commitment, because we believe that it’s only when you commit your life to something, that true purpose is found

Our commitment is to support you by providing the structure, environment, and individual attention you might expect from a guide leading you into the unknown.
We know this takes a leap of faith, deep trust, and immense courage, but we also know that with a little support and direction, you can do it.
Your commitment is to show up; to do the work and to practice. To move with intention and meaningful action, bringing forward everything that you have to offer into daily life. To take responsibility and ownership. Everything you need is laid out for you right here, but you must also play your part, and accept that no one can or will do it for you.

The values my chi journey embodies



To seek truth and commune with it, expressed inwardly and outwardly through sincerity, integrity, genuine care and compassion.



Dissolving the ego and existing to serve something greater than yourself.



To maintain the strength and conviction to always do and stand up for what is right.



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