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My Chi JourneyAbout Us

Life, Restored.

My Chi Journey was conceived in 2014, yet our approach and ideas have been shaped over decades from all corners of the globe. From the Middle East, to Asia, Africa and the South Pacific - to Latin America and beyond.
We draw on insights from ancient wisdoms and fuse them with learnings from the highest levels of athletic performance to bring focus, structure and the discipline to establish not just skills and knowledge, but a committed way of life.

Michael Dahdal

Michael is the founder and creative force behind My Chi Journey. He has devoted decades to unearthing ancient insights across cultures, while building a multinational career developing high-performance teams, athletes and winning systems in some of the world's most challenging environments.
His experience has allowed him to develop an action based, multi-disciplinary approach to turning what you know, and will come to understand, into a committed way of life, expressed through consistent good practice.
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Life. Minus the fluff.

We sharpen your abilities to see through the haze and cut through the noise, maintaining a clear and unrelenting focus on the things that really matter.
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Plunge into fear, rather than shying away from it.
Develop the strength to endure a difficult life, instead of aiming for an easy one.
Move towards what you need, rather than settling for what you want.
Stand up for what is right, instead of giving in to comfort and convenience.

Our approach emphasizes commitment, because we believe that it’s only when you commit your life to something, that true purpose is found

Our commitment is to support you by providing the structure, environment, and individual attention you might expect from a guide leading you into the unknown.
We know this takes a leap of faith, deep trust, and immense courage, but we also know that with a little support and direction, you can do it.
Your commitment is to show up; to do the work and to practice. To move with intention and meaningful action, bringing forward everything that you have to offer into daily life. To take responsibility and ownership. Everything you need is laid out for you right here, but you must also play your part, and accept that no one can or will do it for you.



It’s virtue that sets you apart as a human and it’s only in embodying the virtues that you begin restoring yourself to the fullness of your humanity.
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To seek truth and commune with it, expressed inwardly and outwardly through sincerity, integrity, genuine care and compassion.



Dissolving the ego and existing to serve something greater than yourself.



To maintain the strength and conviction to always do and stand up for what is right.


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  • The Decision of No Decision
    Indecision is a decision in and of itself, even though you may not recognise it as such. Your decision to do nothing – to let things play out on their own. It’s taking a back seat and waiting to see how the chips may fall.
  • Taking your second chance
    It’s pointless, because history will always be confined to history. Instead it may be time to look yourself in the mirror, at the risk of not liking what you see. Because getting it right, means being honest with yourself. It comes with the brutality of having to confront your own demons, And being able and willing to take the hits. So take your second chance. Don’t look back in anger, maintain the hope And be determined to do things a little different.
  • Symphony of Sadness
    There’s a great symphony in sadnessA million things conspiring beautifully together to set a sombre tone. It’s a tragedy, no doubt. Irrational at times, often transcending words or reason.But incomprehensible in...
  • Communication is not a one way street
    Communication is not a one way street. It’s not about talking, it’s about listening. It’s not about reacting, it’s about responding. It’s not about knowing, It’s about understanding. It’s not about judgement or pretense It’s about connection.
  • Leaving it all behind
    Some things are certainly worth holding onto -  Others we just hold onto because we are too afraid to say goodbye.  Not because we can’t But because doing so means facing our own mortality