Live and train like a fighter, improve your fitness, build strength & resilience, confront fear, develop skills and embrace the warrior lifestyle.

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Bang Tao, Phuket


24 Nov - 1 Dec (2024)


8 Days (7 Nights)


Beginner & Intermediate


Skills, Fitness, Fight IQ, Athlete Mindset, Courage, Virtue


$1990* USD
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Every day is a battle,
Prepare yourself for war.

You wake up every morning and you’re at war with yourself. Things that you know you should do and you’re not, the battle between emotion and reason, the heart and the mind, good and evil.

So what does it look like, if instead of avoiding, you started confronting? Instead of running, you decide to dig your heels in, grit your teeth and get to work.

What does it look like, when you commit yourself to embracing a lifestyle the embodies an athlete mindset and a warrior spirit?

When instead of waiting for life to come to you, you go out there and claim it.

We often fear what we don’t understand and the best way to develop your understanding is to take yourself deep into the unknown only to come out the other side transformed.

Enjoy this 7 day experience in Phuket Thailand, where you get to live and train like a fighter. Be part of a team and community that is equally committed to confronting their demons and coming out the other side victorious!

Doesn’t matter what experience you’ve had, this is for people for women and men of all levels, that want to get fitter, learn new skills or enhance existing ones. You’ll be guided through the week through various classes, workshops and cultural experiences, gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to embody the warrior spirit.

Uniquely designed progressive training program delivered by specialist coaches
Meal plan including two meals per day at ringside cafe
Daily check-ins and reflections with Michael
Experience a local Muay Thai fight night live
7 nights accommodation at Bang Tao Gym
Gym Membership providing full access to the state of the art training facilities and all additional classes
Queen sized bed (twin available for group bookings)
Cotton mosquito net
Air Conditioning & Fan
Shower & (Bath)
Free Internet

Your Host

Our founder, Michael, has devoted decades to unearthing ancient insights across cultures, while building a multinational career developing high-performance athletes and systems.

This unique experience gives him the skillset to establish conditions that provoke and sustain meaningful change. His methods are designed to provide you with the insights, skills and focus to set you on the path towards something greater. His approach is designed to help you activate the things you may already know, turning it into a way of life, expressed through consistent good practice.

This is for you if

YOU want to experience living  and training like an athlete in a supportive environment

YOU want to develop your fight awareness and enhance your skills

You want to improve your fitness and live a more active lifestyle

YOU want to learn how to finally conquer your fears

YOU want to develop inner strength, confidence and resilience

You know you need a change and want to move towards a more committed way of life

Shape Your Spirit.

What our people say

The real treasure is Michael and the people he attracts to share the journey and vision. Thank you again and I look forward to many more journeys and late-night talks about the philosophy of Tupac, spirituality, geopolitics and life in general. You're a solid dude and I'd follow you anywhere.

Joshua TylerCalifornia, USA

Michael Dahdal has managed to find the perfect environment! My experience with My Chi journey has been empowering, I highly recommend to anyone looking to challenge themselves

Betty ByersUnited States

I encourage you guys to try this. I attended one of these in Bali, April this year. What an amazing Journey. Michael, the organizer, what a wonderful soul. Ours was for 7 days. He literally took care of everything.

Zine NodadaSouth Africa

I am on a journey to find a true balance in my life and to look at different ways of living a more meaningful life - my chi journey was the perfect way to bring all of my thoughts together and find a way to put these into action. This retreat is incredible, it will be uncomfortable, it will be challenging, but if you're truly open to changing your way of thinking and living, this retreat will be instrumental in starting that journey.

TashNew Zealand

Growth is gaining experiences and learning from it, both my experiences with my chi journey unleashed my highest truth and allowed me to connect with the essence of who I am. As Michael Dahdal puts it, it's “life, without all the fluff “. It's these kind of experiences that force you to look deep inside and reveal something about yourself.

Amani MousaDubai, U.A.E

An unrivaled experience lead by some of the best in the world.

You will gain knowledge, skills and guidance from some of the best coaches and practitioners in the world. Improve your fitness and gain profound insights into how to use your skills to live a more committed way of life.

Become healthier, wiser, more connected and more active, to not only serve yourself, but to serve others in a way that is grounder in a deeper purpose. This is the way of the warrior.

It's better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.

You will learn how fighting breeds humility and an inner confidence unrivaled by anything else. You will learn how to navigate challenges, solve problems and harness your emotions. You will learn how to live, train and prepare like a professional athlete.

You will learn and dissect the anatomy of a fight. Deepen your situational awareness, knowing how to respond in any given situation. You will learn basic fight skills, mental toughness and the cultural significance of combat.

How is this any different to just training at the gym myself?

Is this a camp for fighters only?

Is this for men or women only?

Do I have to have experience to join this fight camp?

I already train in Martial Arts and am quite proficient, is this for me or only for beginners?

I haven't trained in a long time and I am so unfit, can I still join this camp?

What disciplines will be covered?

How many sessions a day will I be training?

What can I expect to gain from this experience?

Will I have to share a room or can I have my own room?

Is Phuket safe to travel to?

Will we be doing anything else during the week or is it only training?

Are my flights included?

What is there to do in my spare time?

I'm interested, what's the next step?

Transform your life.

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“Sometimes getting away means moving towards everything you’ve been avoiding..” – Michael Dahdal