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Kara LucasInterior Decorator

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Alex CohenDesigner

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Jake SmithDeveloper

Michael invested thoughtful care into every aspect, adeptly handling changes and ensuring a stress-free experience. His genuine concern for each group member created a supportive atmosphere. Formerly uncertain about Palestine, now I have the confidence to make this an annual trip. Michael's skillful balance of support and space recommendation for a personal growth trip with mychijourney.


Yearning to connect with my Palestinian roots, I lacked the courage to go alone until I stumbled upon this enriching experience. In 7 days, Michael meticulously curated diverse activities, immersing us in nature, history, arts, daily life, cuisine, and local stories, deepening our understanding of Palestine. Undoubtedly, this has been my most special trip. Grateful to Michael for his encouragement and guidance.

Nadeen Crowe

My Chi Journey in Ubud, Bali, was a cherishable experience, fulfilling travel dreams and offering transformative lessons applicable to daily life. The global friendships forged were special, and challenging perspectives proved eye-opening. Simply amazing.


I am thankful for having met some of the most brilliant minds and purest hearts there are. Go with an open heart and mind and you will leave with a more intentional sense of direction and an amazing support system. I left feeling serene, light, focused and ready to get back on track...


Since returning from the Eat Pray Love Palestine Trip, I feel privileged and grateful to have walked this historical land, listening to stories of tenacity and resilience. In awe of their love for life, family, and connection, I left with a deep sense of belonging. I want to return and stay connected; it was that special.

Bernie O'Donell

I came to unlearn and relearn and that is exactly what I left with...


A life changing & enriching experience. Made lifelong friends..

Dania K

It felt like home, an overwhelming experience. The rejuvenation and revived energy were profound. Meeting amazing women, shared commonalities, and the perfect yin-yang of Karina and Michael left a lasting impact. Grateful for the solid experience, I now move forward with a new perspective and the ability to create balance.


A life changing experience in a marvelous place with marvelous people. Ended up the retreat with resolutions & life long goals. Highly recommended for people who are under stress & need new experiences.

Dee Kay

Manifest what I want to achieve during the a ritual that I am practice, feel that I am taking care of myself. Remind me during the day that no one is coming to save me !! In other words, showing up for myself !!


Michael Dahdal has managed to find the perfect environment in which people can awaken their true potential without losing their own self-identity! My experience with My Chi journey has been empowering, I highly recommend to anyone who needs to find the answers within themselves.


I can’t believe how much I got out of this retreat. It completely exceeded my expectations, helped me move forward with my life, and I can’t thank Michael and the team enough...


Encourage you to try this! I joined the Bali retreat in April—what an amazing 7-day journey. Michael, a wonderful soul, took care of everything from start to finish. Our group of 12, including Michael and Nicole, formed lasting bonds. They arranged airport transfers and our blissful resort stay. Learning from Ubud tours, meeting locals, and embracing culture left a lasting impact. Still living the retreat lessons; highly recommend! Much love to Michael and Nicole—may God bless you abundantly! ❤️✌️


Thank you for everything! An impulsive decision turned into the best self-gift. The journey of self-discovery in a fun atmosphere surpassed expectations. Grateful to Michael and Nicole for the clarity. Forever thankful.


I was expecting to come away from the retreat with strategies to clear the clutter and make decisions over the coming months. I didn't expect to find clarity on day 2 and be ready and eager to move forward!!


Loved this experience and I am so thankful for being given this opportunity. This experience has taught me to slow down and take life as it is. No stress should interfere with your attemp at being healthy and being a good person to yourself and others around you.


I had the opportunity to discover Palestine with Michael and it was a great experience! The perfect way of travelling to an ancestral Nation with wonderful people. I highly recommend My Chi Journey!


Growth is experiencing and learning, unleashing my truth as Michael Dahdal says, "without all the fluff." New experiences reveal hidden aspects. My Chi Journey's "Walk Palestine" fosters reflection, learning, and growth, breaking stereotypes. Thanks, Michael, for this meaningful journey. Much love and gratitude.


What drew me to this course was yin/yang and bringing balance to life. I came for action but found deeper impact. The learnings will influence many lives. With a roadmap to my authentic life, I anticipate positive change. Grateful for this transformative gift!


Fantastic crowd and meeting amazing people is what topped this retreat.


I loved my experience with My Chi Journey. It was a true gift to myself to have the time and guidance to explore my life in relation to chi. I am now focused on living my truth and making intentional choices and also laughing and dancing every day


It was a very enjoyable trip that provided the space and time to unwind, self-reflect, workout and meet interesting people- all at my own pace.


This experience unexpectedly altered my life, reconnecting to artistic roots in unforeseen ways. The lifelong friendships formed make it 110% worthwhile. Thank you, Michael, for your heartfelt dedication and sincere effort in putting this together!


On a journey for true life balance and meaning, My Chi Journey brought my thoughts together, inspiring action. This incredible, challenging retreat is instrumental for changing thinking and living. Thanks to the excellent team!


The Bali Wellness Retreat with My Chi Journey was my best self-investment ever. Hosts led us on an enlightening journey in Ubud's rice fields, fostering positivity and self-connection. I left with renewed vigor and a positive outlook. A rewarding experience beyond measure!


My Chi Journey's Lifestyle Design workshop unveiled imbalances in my life, offering tools to address them. Highly recommend for realigning personal and professional life, living authentically, and staying true to personal values.


My first workshop, Lifestyle Design, was amazing. The instructor offered reflection on my current life and ways to live with intention. Appreciated the tools and dialogue with like-minded folks. Excited for the second workshop!


Michael is a raw truth seeker, challenging anything on his journey—a challenging yet only road to absolute truth. Amid global self-help gurus, he simplifies the core factors, guiding you through the process to discover your truth.


Great moment to look at things differently, to step back to reflect and to demystify ... so many little steps can take us every day closer to who we want to become


Michael, your talent makes sharing comfortable. LOVED your idea to know everyone's name; held us accountable, encouraging connections. Refreshing meeting like-minded people in Abu Dhabi. Your passion shines through; keep doing what you're doing!


I expected hippies but Michael was down-to-earth, empathetic, understanding real-world challenges. He shared practical tools for life changes, helping us follow our paths. Surrounded by like-minded people, building my network was great!


Couldn't have asked for a better start to my journey! From the people, to the activities to every single well thought detail! Can't wait for the next one!!


Attending the Sri Lanka New Year's Eve retreat with My Chi Journey has been the ideal way to welcome the new year. The facilitators' knowledge, empathy, and support were unmatched. They guided us smoothly into activities, allowing growth with every task. A magical experience with a unique group in a surreal setting.


Chi Journey was an insightful self discovery for me and it was magnificently amazing because not only I learned how to allow certain types of energy/vibration to enter my life, I also met so many wonderful people from around the world.

Sokie Heng

The Lifestyle Design Workshop with My Chi Journey is essential for business or freelance starters. It equips you with tools for independence and motivates beyond imagination. After attending, I believed in being my own boss, escaping a mismatched corporate world. A must for any entrepreneur.


It was a beautiful experience, I get goosebumps just thinking about it, it was like a transformation. Amazing..!"


Thank you MCJ for the journey...being an active/outdoor traveller...the Chiang Rai trip gave a different angle to travel.... a good balance to just slow still...connect within and without...Thank you MCJ for the experience.


My experience with My Chi Journey to Bali was a delightful balance of Yoga and relaxation. Free to do as much or as little, the wisdom shared among guests and hosts created lasting relationships with inspiring people, a memorable part of the trip.


As a travel lover, this 7-day trip was truly unforgettable. Feeling peaceful and connected, it served as a reminder to slow down and appreciate surroundings and souls. Despite the useful information, what stands out is the detailed description of cleansing oneself—feeding the soul or the mind. Being while doing, thanks to Mike, made it memorable and worthwhile.


Joining the Bali yoga trip with My Chi Journey was a pivotal part of my life journey, unforgettable and well-organized. The experience, set in a beautiful location, spurred personal growth. I often reflect on our time in Bali to stay on track. Thanks to Michael and Alexandra for warmth, friendship, and support.


The Lifestyle Design workshop was wonderful and inspiring. In our fast-paced lives, we forget our true purpose. Taking time to gain perspective, understand ourselves, and think harder about life was helpful. The tools were simple, effective, and accessible. Michael and Gail were engaging, and meeting new people added meaning. My Chi Journey is a great platform offering guidance and opening minds to a different way of thinking about life. Live the life you want.


Lifestyle Design workshop was inspiring. In our fast-paced lives, we forget our true purpose. Gaining perspective, understanding ourselves, and contemplating life was helpful. Simple, effective tools, accessible. Michael and Gail were engaging. My Chi Journey, a great platform for guidance, opens minds to a different way of thinking about life. Live the life you want.

Josh Tyler

My week with My Chi Journey in Bali sparked my quest for a deeper body-mind connection. Enjoyed daily yoga, meditation, and the silent day. Michael, an incredible host, ensured everyone's happiness. Can't wait for the next journey!

Nik Toth

I liked giving myself a chance to do something different, meeting inspiring women who changed my perceptions of work. Michael & Gail provided tools to realize work's potential. Every day now begins with inspirations from My Chi Journey.


My Chi Journey in Bali was transformative. Yoga, meditation, and cultural exploration exceeded expectations. Michael's guidance and the supportive group nurtured my growth. I left rejuvenated, with a deeper connection and renewed purpose. Highly recommended for self-discovery and holistic well-being.


Embarking on My Chi Journey, I faced the challenge of living a balanced, enthusiastic life. The paradox of making life memorable while forgetting it led me to this retreat. It taught me life is a journey, empowering me to prioritize, declutter, and find balance. My perspective has shifted, and I now carry positive chi, eager for the next retreat!


True, the journey doesn't end. I joined a meditation retreat in Bali with these guys, and it was spectacular. The accommodation exceeded expectations, staff were amazing, and the balance of pampering and relaxation put my mind and body at ease. Needed, especially now with a hectic life. Applying meditation practices daily. Zen 🙂



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  • The Decision of No Decision
    Indecision is a decision in and of itself, even though you may not recognise it as such. Your decision to do nothing – to let things play out on their own. It’s taking a back seat and waiting to see how the chips may fall.
  • Taking Your Second Chance
    It’s pointless, because history will always be confined to history. Instead it may be time to look yourself in the mirror, at the risk of not liking what you see. Because getting it right, means being honest with yourself. It comes with the brutality of having to confront your own demons, And being able and willing to take the hits. So take your second chance. Don’t look back in anger, maintain the hope And be determined to do things a little different.
  • Symphony of Sadness
    There’s a great symphony in sadness A million things conspiring beautifully together to set a sombre tone. It’s a tragedy, no doubt.  Irrational at times, often transcending words or reason....
  • Communication Is Not a One Way Street
    Communication is not a one way street. It’s not about talking, it’s about listening. It’s not about reacting, it’s about responding. It’s not about knowing, It’s about understanding. It’s not about judgement or pretense It’s about connection.
  • Leaving It All Behind
    Some things are certainly worth holding onto -  Others we just hold onto because we are too afraid to say goodbye.  Not because we can’t But because doing so means facing our own mortality