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The Zeigarnik effect is a psychological phenomenon that can teach you a little something about how to settle your unsettled mind.

How to break the thought loops, so you can start thinking forward again

In essence, the Zeigarnik effect suggests that there is a tendency for your brain to remember and prioritize, interrupted or incomplete tasks.

The implication is being, if you’ve got something that’s unresolved, your brain just won’t let it go.

That’s a relationship status that’s left complicated

A job search that’s waning

A new project you started but never finished

The lifestyle changes you set out to make but didn’t follow through on

The conversation you know needs to be had, but you’ve been avoiding

It’s also hesitation, stagnation –

delaying and procrastinating.

It could be an idea or opinion that hasn’t been fully formed,

A thought that hasn’t been fully processed, or an intention set, that’s then left festering.

Finding resolution could be as simple as making a decision, a firm commitment and then following through.

You can start making a move towards resolving things by simply deciding to.

You have choices, so choose.

You have decisions to make, to make them.

If you want to stop overthinking, then start doing.

Get a sense of what you’ve been avoiding and stop avoiding it

Don’t make promises you can’t keep

Don’t keep yourself or others waiting

And start taking control of your life back.

Understanding the Zeigarnik effect and how your brain works will go a long way to finally setting you free.

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