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As established religions continue to be torn apart and traditional ways of living are challenged by a emerging secular culture, what’s been torn down with it are whole systems of belief.

Value structures that have underpinned how people commune and how individuals have been able to make sense of the world and their place in it.

As these meta-narratives, these systems of beliefs are increasingly challenged, so too are our perceptions.

Whereas we once built our lives on and around these foundations and pillars, they are now being reduced to rubble, leaving us to rebuild them ourselves.

Replacing what had been understood and established over millennia, with a pseudo-style do it yourself spirituality and moral framework, serving not a God, but rather our own desires and ego in our ‘ultimate pursuit of happiness’.

Whether you realize it or not, beliefs are the basis on which you interact with the world

The ground on which everything else is built

These beliefs can affirm the way you live your life, or limit how you perceive the world and your role in it.

But what we do know, is that not understanding what you believe will inevitably leave a void

A vacuum of sorts, that needs to be filled – it’s inevitable, because that’s how vacuums work.

Beliefs are the lens through which you see the world

The structure required to be able to navigate your way through life

It’s what shapes your whole experience.

Beliefs are embodied, imprinted into your being and it’s only through internal transformation, that these beliefs can be reshaped or reformed.

The ultimate goal then is to have your beliefs visibly reflected in how you actually live your life.

Alignment. Embodiment.

So be intentional with your beliefs

Because if you don’t fill this vacuum yourself, someone or something else fills it for you.


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