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How does one find the way?

What is the way, where is the way?

Like Hansel and Gretel leaving a trail of breadcrumbs, there are clues scattered all over that show you

But often you remain too distracted to notice,

Too blind to see and tuned out to hear.

Nature is a great teacher, and by taking the time to grasp the nature of things, you’ll soon begin connecting the dots.

Observing closely,

Contemplating and taking the time to understand

Drawing lessons from an array of disciplines, putting together pieces of the puzzle until the picture finally begins to emerge.

Allowing you then to move with the rhythm of life

Aligning your flow, with the natural flow

Your way, with The Way.

Allowing yourself to be guided by a universal beacon that calls out to you.

A compass embedded deep in your heart pointing you to the true north.

It wants you to find your way.

And there is a map laid out for you by all those that have gone before.

A clear and obvious blueprint embedded in the archives of human history.

A collective wisdom acquired from the collective human experience.

The only thing you need to do is pay attention.

Then stay the course and know that it will lead you home.


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