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Words can take something from obscurity and breathe it into existence.

They can take an abstract and transform it to clarity

Nothing is real, until it’s uttered out loud or written.

Until it’s expressed

You are a conduit for all things in the universe.

You can literally give birth to an idea, simply by speaking it

Such is the power of words.

But words can also be a great tool for distraction, deception or even destruction.

When words don’t reflect reality

When we use them to deceive ourselves and deceive others

When we do that, we misuse its power.

Making promises we don’t keep,

And treating words with contempt, detaching ourselves from their significance

Not realizing the carnage we often leave behind and the lives we can destroy along the way.

Because with words, comes responsibility

The responsibility to say what you mean and to mean what you say

To follow through and deliver on your promise

To be impeccable with what you have to say

Anything less will resign you to the scrap heap of history

The burner of bridges rather than the builder of them.

Life requires you to match your words with your deeds

To stop uttering lies, speaking shallow words and making empty promises.

To put your hypocrisy to the sword

And live up to the promise,

Because building trust is a long road, but destroying it is a very short one.

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