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There’s something strangely sacred about mornings.

Something that we’ve come to take for granted not realizing the full significance of what it is we’re actually experiencing.

Each rising of the sun, like a conductor, conducting an orchestra.

Each morning, you find each member of the orchestra responding in kind

In perfect unison, a harmony that keeps the world so finely tuned.

The birds toil overhead, tweeting away.

The plants exhale, almost as if breathing a sigh of relief that they’ve been blessed again with the dawning of a new day.

Gifting us the oxygen we need to sustain life.

The animals to respond, they stretch, they prepare for the hunt, they thirst, nurse their young or retire to rest.

But what can’t be denied

Is that each morning brings with it undoubted change – and you can’t help but recognize and pay homage to it.

A cosmic shift that tells you that you are at a significant moment in time

A moment filled with possibility.

An opportunity to do good and make things right

An opportunity to let go and start again

A sacred moment, unlike any other.

And the best way to honor the sacred, is with a moment of silence.

To bow your head in awe and humble yourself before the majesty that is before you

To recognise the great opportunity a new day affords you

The blessing it bestows upon you.

And then, respond in kind.

To join in the chorus and sing along with the harmony that is the fullness of creation

A creation that you are an all important part.

And a creation that is part of you.


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