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It’s common to go through life sometimes feeling powerless.

Believing that you are actually powerless.

That everything is out of your hands, hopeless.

Like nothing is within your control, that you have no say, that you can’t influence a situation.

But you have power beyond measure 

And it stems from a very simple realization, the realization that you have a choice –

That in every moment, in every situation, you have a choice.

You have power in choosing what to do and how to respond in any given situation.

Too often people accept their fate prematurely,

Too often people say, I can’t.

When they don’t really care to try.

Too often people say I don’t have time

When we all have the same amount of hours in a day.

Holding on to your ability to choose is really the final frontier.

Your God given right to exercise your free will

Relinquishing this idea, also relinquishes you of that power.

And if you can’t change a situation by choosing, you can still choose to change something within yourself.


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