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Communities are stronger when people bind together.

There’s strength in unity,

An impenetrable wall that can stand up to anything, because nothing can crush the collective will of the people.

Togetherness is the fan that fuels the flame of the human spirit, especially when grounded in truth and in Love.

Connection goes to the very heart of being human.

And it’s one of the reasons we’ve survived so long.

Our ability to come together to resist 

Our ability to cooperate,

Our ability to teach, to learn and to grow.

What happens then if the opposite is also true, if the people are divided?

If instead of coming together, we turn on each other?

Instead of connection, we have separation.

Instead of intimacy, we have social distancing

If we are unable to communicate as humans do, because our smiles are hidden behind a veil

Masks used as weapons to create barriers between people.

What if the seeds of mistrust are sown, forcing us to see our neighbors as a threat?

As a potential enemy instead of a friend.

What happens to our humanity then?

What happens to humanity if the highest order values are not humility, truth and courage, but rather compliance?

You see, to impose your will on the masses, you divide and then you conquer.

You appeal to the deepest primitive senses and perpetuate fear.

You create barriers between people, both physical and psychological.

If you want to crush resistance to anything,

You turn friends into enemies and families into foes.

It’s high time you come to realize that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll inevitably fall for anything.

These are the lessons we’ve learned from history.

So perhaps now is the time to transcend fear with courage

Replace deception with truth

And distraction, with focus and attention.

And make it your purpose to live up to the promise of being human.

Because we’re better together, 

So why let the ways of the world tear us apart?

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