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You can’t tear down the social fabric and pretend as if that’s normal.

The word alternative was once reserved for what’s unorthodox, but today, it seems to be the other way around.

To think for yourself has become a rebellious act.

The truth is no longer enough, now we need to burn it all down and create our own truths, new truths.

Sensibility is the new alternative.

Freedom is no longer about being free

Hate is increasingly being presented as Love

And education is not about learning how to think, but what to think.

We’ve replaced thinking with feeling

Families with careers

Health with a pill

And what we need with what we want.

In short, the world has been turned upside down.

It’s the great inversion and we’re too distracted to realize.

It’s when you go against The Way that things begin falling apart

First it’s a corruption of the spirit

Leading to a decay in the moral character of the individual

And then you’re inevitably swept away with the social current of the times.

Tearing down the old and replacing it with the new

Not realizing that new doesn’t necessarily mean better

Be careful, because when you leave a spiritual vacuum, the void will inevitably be filled by something else.

So a very warm welcome to the alternative planet earth

Where light has been accepted as darkness and darkness has been accepted as light.


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