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Not everything is always as it seems.

Much of the time, we only interact with the world superficially

We take things at face value; accept things as they appear

But the reality is, life has a certain depth quality

What you see on the surface, may not be a true reflection of what lies beneath

So it’s important to be aware

To be able to exercise a level of discernment

To be able to ask the right questions,

To remain curious

To be willing to deep dive into things if and when required

There’s a certain risk with accepting the most common narratives at face value –

The risk of being led astray.

Just because everyone believes it, it doesn’t make it right and just because everyone is saying it, it doesn’t make it true.

Sometimes the truth also lies dormant in what’s not said, in silence, in what’s omitted.

So learn to read between the lines

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